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Benefits Of Arnica

Updated: Apr 3

Scientific Name: Arnica montana

Common Names: Leopard's bane, Mountain tobacco, Wolf's bane

Family: Asteraceae or Compositae (Sunflower)

arnica montana plant

Arnica, also known as Arnica montana and sometimes referred to as leopard's bane, mountain tobacco, or wolfsbane, is a bright yellow flower similar to a daisy native to Northwest America, Mexico, Siberia, and some parts of Europe (1). Arnica is toxic if eaten naturally, but when diluted correctly in supplementation or homeopathic medicine, Arnica montana is commonly used as a skin treatment for bruises, aches, pains, inflammation, and more (2). The healing properties of this perennial herb have been documented dating back to the 12th century by St. Hildegard, a German nun known for her devotion to nature and physiology (3).

Benefits of Arnica

Contraindications & Interactions

Understanding Homeopathic Doses of Arnica