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In 2019, I was actually in a wheelchair but I wasn’t public about it because I was embarrassed. I experienced chronic pain due to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), as well as dizziness, due to nystagmus. Many people followed my story on my personal Facebook account, as I went from doctors, to specialists, to discovery centers, trying to figure out what was causing these symptoms that kept me wheelchair bound but unfortunately, no one ever had answers for me.

On January 1, 2020, I adopted a plant-based and 100% natural lifestyle. I stopped taking over-the-counter medicine and over twenty medication prescriptions for chronic pain, epilepsy, nystagmus, asthma, and many other medical conditions. Within a month of treating myself 100% naturally through herbal remedies, my symptoms began to subside. The chronic pain I once experienced is now minimal, symptoms of epilepsy are controlled, dizziness is completely gone, asthmatic symptoms have vanished, and I feel overall amazing. Oh, and I am no longer in a wheelchair! I am now able to spend time with my husband and family whenever I want, without having to cancel plans due to dizziness or pain and even managed to let my service dog retire.

Going plant-based has completely transformed my life into something I have never had before, not even when I was able-bodied. Plants have benefited me greatly and avoiding all animal products (with the exception of honey) has done me wonders.

I still eat everything I once enjoyed and never feel limited. I eat junk food on occasions as well as chips and candy, while still eating Chinese food and pizza. I do not feel deprived of anything I used to eat, plus I’ve learned to cook some amazing, plant-based meals.

Sarena-Rae Santos

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