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Why I Raw Feed My Dog

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

An animal eating dry kibble daily is equivalent to humans eating dry cereal every day. You’d get bored quickly, and the nutrients would be lacking, to say the least. That's why it's important to feed a biologically appropriate diet to your pet.

I used to get attacked, especially by vegans, because I fed my dog a biologically appropriate diet. Especially since I am plant-based, some individuals couldn’t grasp the concept that what’s biologically relevant for a human is, in fact, not biologically appropriate for a K-9. With that said, if you came here looking for a plant-based meal plan for your pet, you're in the wrong place.

Dogs prefer meat; in the wild, dogs are hunters. It's the biological process. Having a plant-based dog with the right research and supplementation is possible. I see no benefit considering dogs are not susceptible to the same illnesses and diseases as humans due to meat consumption.