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My Review of The Memory Foam Water Pillow by MediFlow

Updated: Sep 22

An honest, detailed review of the Memory Foam Water Pillow by MediFlow from a real person living with chronic pain, recommended by a seasoned chiropractor.

Having trouble sleeping is a widespread problem. Yet, many people don’t understand how to resolve it. With numerous products on the market promising better sleep and great demand, understanding which option is suitable for you can be challenging. High-quality mattresses can cost thousands of dollars, white noise machines can get up there in price, too, and services like massages and sleep therapy can be tricky to navigate. The Water Pillow is ideal for anyone who wishes to get a restful night’s sleep, even more so if they’re concerned about spine alignment. Regardless, The benefits of The Water Pillow by MediFlow go beyond pain relief; for some, they convey improved vitality and all-around wellness. The Water Pillow is backed by clinical trials and thousands of 5-star reviews because it’s helped many people improve their sleeping habits.

The Research Behind The Water Pillow by MediFlow

How I Have Tested The Water Pillow by MediFlow

Pros of The Water Pillow by MediFlow

Cons to The Water Pillow by MediFlow

Final Score of The Water Pillow by MediFlow

Where to Purchase The Water Pillow by MediFlow


For Christmas 2021, I received a Memory Foam Water Pillow by MediFlow from my husband. This was a product, recommended to me by my chiropractor of nearly five years, Dr. Landrum Williams of Williams Family Chiropractic. I started seeing Dr. Williams after being diagnosed with scoliosis and cervical lordosis post spinal cord stimulator, implantation, revision, and removal for my pain caused by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition that generally impacts a single extremity, such as an arm or a leg, and is characterized as the most severe pain level on the McGill University Pain Scale (1). CRPS typically develops after an injury, surgery, a stroke, or a heart attack, and the pain that occurs is out of balance with the severity of the initial injury (2). In my case, it started in my right arm after a forced, complete fracture of the humerus bone when I was 14 years old. I was not diagnosed until I was 21-year-old when I started treatment, but it was too late.

Due to my eight-year delay in treatment, I wasn't left with a great chance of remission, but I had success with a spinal cord stimulator trial and decided to follow through for the permanent surgical implantation. A spinal cord stimulator is an implanted device that transmits low levels of electricity directly into the spinal cord to alleviate forms of chronic pain (3). The surgeon had to partially remove my C2 (second vertebra) during the implantation surgery to ensure a proper fit of the spinal cord stimulator's electrodes. Unfortunately, I did not succeed with this surgery, and two months after it was implanted, it was revised, and then an emergency surgery to have it removed weeks after the revision, which nearly killed me.

We aren't sure if the partial removal of my C2 was the reasoning behind my cervical lordosis, but it was never diagnosed before those series of surgeries, and there were x-rays taken before the surgeries, showing a healthy neck curvature. Cervical lordosis typically applies to cases where there is an abnormal, excessive inward curve (hyperlordosis) or a definite lack of curve (hyperlordosis) (4). In my case, it's an extreme inward curve, where my neck curves in the wrong direction and is actually curving forward instead of backward.

A healthy neck curvature, which should be at a 45-degree angle, compared to mine at -23 with a 152% loss, mainly affecting my C1 and C2, which means my C1 puts me at risk for migraines, nervousness, insomnia, nervous breakdowns, chronic tiredness, and dizziness. My 2C puts me at risk for chronic ear infections.

Scoliosis is another thing I was never formally diagnosed with before the series of surgeries but was diagnosed with back in 2016. Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine, which often occurs in people with cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy (5). In my case, I do not have either of those conditions, and I was never diagnosed with scoliosis in my adolescence, but I do have a mild case of scoliosis.

A healthy spine has three natural curves forming an "S" shape: an inward or forward curve at the neck (cervical curve), an outward or backward curve at the upper back (thoracic curve), and another inward curve at the lower back (lumbar curve). My spine is at a 0-degree angle with 100% loss along with my L4 and L5 being compacted together which can cause pain throughout my lower legs, ankles, and feet as well as poor circulation.

Enough about my spine health, let's discuss what you're here for, The Water Pillow by MediFlow. The Water Pillow is a therapeutic pillow invented by Mediflow to help people maximize their sleep and wake up pain-free and well-rested. The Water Pillow by Mediflow is made up of a water-based technology that provides responsive support and a top layer of varying comfort material, enabling you to fall asleep faster. The Water Pillow by Mediflow features an adjustable base, so you can fully customize your pillow to conform to your sleeping preferences and support demands. Adding more water to the pillow makes it more firm while adding less will make it softer. No matter how you adjust it, The Water Pillow moves with you so that your head and neck remain aligned all night. This prevents your head, neck, and spine from sinking in a way that tweaks your body, which can often result in sore muscles and new or worsening knots (6).

The Research Behind The Water Pillow by MediFlow

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine analyzed three pillows -- standard, roll, and commercially developed water-based pillows. These three pillows were assessed in a diverse neck pain population, with and without cervicogenic headaches, to determine whether pain levels, sleep patterns, and daily function were influenced by the type of pillow used. There were 20 men and 21 women between the ages of 26 and 76 years participating in the study, with the duration of neck pain ranging from l month to 25 years. Only one subject experienced neck pain for one month, and four experienced it for longer than three months but less than six months. Neck pain for six months or more was reported by 88% of the subjects, and 78% of participants reported having it for one year or more. Outcome measures included daily scores for pain intensity, pain relief, quality of sleep, and level of function recorded in a diary. The daily journal consisted of a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) with verbal descriptors for pain intensity and a 0% to 100% scale with verbal descriptors of pain relief. The breakdown found average pain intensity scores and a comparison of scores by analysis of variance. Pillow type significantly impacted morning pain intensity scores, but not evening scores. They tested for multiple comparisons and revealed that pain intensity in the morning was not different for the roll and standard pillows but was less with the water pillow than with either the roll pillow or the standard pillow. Average pain alleviation was influenced by pillow type in the morning and the evening, with more powerful pain relief seen in patients using the water pillow than patients using the roll pillow. The water-based pillow was associated with downsized morning pain intensity, more pain relief, and improved sleep quality. The duration of sleep was incredibly shorter for the roll pillow. The overall Sickness Impact Profile (SIP)findings revealed a substantial advantage for the water-based pillow over the roll and standard pillows. The study concluded that the proper pillow selection could significantly reduce pain and improve sleep quality.

You can read the entire seven-page study here.

How I Have Tested The Water Pillow by MediFlow

I started by filling up The Water Pillow by MediFlow with approximately 2.5 liters of water. When I laid down to test the pillow, my husband pointed out that my spine was curved instead of straight, so we decided to add more water to ensure my spine was straight instead of curved, which is essential for proper spine support, and I achieved my perfect firmness of three liters to get a medium firmness to the pillow.

After I found my desired firmness, I put the pillow to the test with my typical nightly routine consisting of Sleepy Time Tincture and Good Night Lotion from Earthley Wellness, and of course, guided meditation to assist me in a night of restful sleep. I found that sleeping on my left and right side along with my stomach and back were all comfortable, and I woke up pain-free in both my neck and back for the first time in years, which is quite remarkable considering my medical history.

After just one night of using this pillow, I decided to get The Water Pillow by MediFlow for my husband and father, who have both been satisfied with their pillows and have found this pillow to be the most comfortable pillow and induced the best sleep they've experienced.

Pros of The Water Pillow by MediFlow

  • Adjustable to any firmness you desire

  • Scientifically proven to help relieve pain and improve sleep quality

  • 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee from the day of purchase

  • 3-year manufacturer warranty against any manufacturing defects

  • PVC-free

  • Latex-free

  • Hypoallergenic

Cons of The Water Pillow by MediFlow

  • Ranges from $49.95 to $109.95 per pillow

  • Filling to desired firmness is trial and error

Final Score of The Water Pillow by MediFlow

Considering my intense medical history, it's safe to say it's not easy to find a comfortable pillow, and even safer to say I usually wake up in pain, but that's a thing of the past now.

Overall, I genuinely enjoy this pillow and highly recommend it; I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I especially recommend it for those suffering from neck and back pain or, really, any chronic pain. The Water Pillow by MediFlow may get a little pricey, but we spend a third of our lives in our bed, so why not be comfortable?

Of course, this is my personal experience, and not everyone may have such luck, but that's what the 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee is there to utilize.

Where to Purchase The Water Pillow by MediFlow

You can purchase The Water Pillow by MediFlow directly on their website and use code GIFTOFSLEEP for 10% off here, or you can purchase The Water Pillow by Mediflow on Amazon here.

What's your go-to pillow?


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