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How I Raw Feed My Dog

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Over the years, I have tried many kibble types for my retired service dog, Fiona. Fiona is a 65lb. American Pit Bull Terrier Mix, so she eats a decent amount of daily food. Every time we got Fiona transitioned to a new food, it seemed to be recalled. Eventually, I transitioned to a biologically appropriate raw foods (BARF) diet, and I have never looked back.

If you read my article Why I Raw Feed My Dog, you already know I used to get attacked, especially by vegans, because I fed my dog a biologically appropriate diet. Some individuals couldn’t grasp the concept that what’s biologically relevant for a human is, in fact, not biologically appropriate for a K-9. With that said, if you came here looking for a plant-based meal plan for your pet, you're in the wrong place.

Dogs prefer meat; in the wild, dogs are hunters. It's the biological process. Having a plant-based dog with the right research and supplementation is possible. I see no benefit considering dogs are not susceptible to the same illnesses and diseases as humans due to meat consumption.