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How I Naturally Handle a Sinus Infection

Updated: Jan 5

As someone with a deviated septum, I am more susceptible to sinus infections. I tend to get a sinus infection roughly once a month, especially in the warmer months down south. Thankfully, I do have a routine that works to relieve them naturally and pretty quickly.

sinus infection/sinus pressure highlighted in red.

As someone with a deviated septum, I am more susceptible to sinus infections. This is because one side of the nose is shifted over, making it harder to drain mucous, resulting in a stuffy nose more prone to a germy breeding ground. I tend to get a sinus infection roughly once a month, especially in the warmer months down south. Thankfully, I do have a four-step routine that works to relieve them pretty quickly, and hopefully, this routine will work for you too.

Of course, a deviated septum isn’t the only cause of sinus infections. A weak immune system makes you more likely to develop sinus infections from bacteria or mold. Colds, seasonal allergies (which seem to occur all year long down south), and nasal polyps are other factors that can cause sinus infections.

Learn more about sinus infections and how to manage their symptoms in my science-based blog, How to Naturally Manage Sinus Infections.


#1 Facial Steamer

A facial steamer is my first line of action against a sinus infection. Inhaling the steam from a facial steamer helps break up the congestion and thin the mucous associated with a sinus infection. Additionally, the inhalation of steam provides relief from the irritation in the nasal passages. If you don't have a facial steamer, another great option is a bowl of boiled water with a towel draped over your head. The clearing of mucous also helps make the second step of my routine (nasal irrigation), much easier and flow nicely.

#2 Neti Pot

After opening my nasal passages, I move on to step two, nasal irrigation with a neti pot. A neti pot is a container used to flush debris or mucus from the nasal cavity. Neti pots are often used throughout the natural community to help nasal discomfort associated with symptoms of allergies, sinus infections, mold exposure, colds, and more. I love adding marshmallow root or chamomile along with the standard salt and baking soda to create an herbal infusion for nasal irrigation. Learn about other herbs to add to a neti pot in my blog, How to Use a Neti Pot.

#3 Essential Oils

After step two, my nasal passages are usually thriving so I move on to aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is great for sinus infection relief. Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts, also known as essential oils, to promote health and well-being while improving the health of the body, mind, and spirit. I specificaly diffuse essential oils for congestion. I prefer sweet orange or eucalyptus, but many other essential oil options exist. When using essential oils, be sure you’re practicing essential oil safety

#4 Oil of Oregano

After step three, I make sure to use oil of oregano. Oil of Oregano has antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties, amongst many other beneficial properties. Oil of Oregano is made by infusing extra virgin olive oil with dried oregano leaves, creating a robust and ingestible “natural antibiotic” widely used in the natural community.

Some additional products and remedies I tend to use during the duration of a sinus infection include:

  • Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifiers are quiet and usually easy to clean, working better in larger and warmer climates. This type of humidifier rapidly vibrates the water into small particles. A fan projects these particles into the air as mist, which then evaporates to add moisture to the air and improve the air quality. Humidifiers relieve discomfort, such as nasal congestion and skin and eye dryness.

  • Dried Eucalyptus Leaves are an amazing addition to the shower. I place these on my shower head, and when the steam from the hot shower reaches the dried eucalyptus, it releases a pleasant aroma (similar to essential oils) and helps relieve tension in my face. These dried eucalyptus leaves are made from fresh Eucalyptus without any additives, retaining the original floral aroma of Eucalyptus leaves.

  • Earthley’s Elderberry Elixir is a liquid supplement that combines elderberries and other immune-supporting herbs for everyday wellness. It’s an elderberry tincture (not syrup) that’s a potent cold and flu fighter, shelf-stable for up to 2 years, and super concentrated, which makes it the most cost-effective option. If you’ve previously enjoyed syrups, you’ll love our kid’s version because it’s alcohol-free and tastes great with no added sugar or sweeteners!

  • Earthley's Immune Biotic is the perfect go-to herbal remedy for feeling under the weather and needing something fast. This tincture uses the natural power of immune-supporting herbs to give your body a jump start to fight off a cold or sinus infection. Take for three to seven days and kick sickness to the curb.

  • Earthley’s Lymphatic Cream is a lotion created to help relieve achy body parts caused by swollen lymph nodes. This cream tackles lymphatic congestion at the source and gently encourages drainage to help detox, reduce soreness, and improve overall wellness. I love to apply this on my sinuses to help relieve congestion. I love using Lymphatic cream while using a facial steamer and massaging my face as the facial steamer is going.

  • Earthley's Sinus Saver is an herbal tincture that provides natural support during allergy season and beyond! Enjoy relief from sneezes, sniffles, sinus pressure, watery eyes, and other annoying allergy symptoms. Sinus Saver uses the power of herbs to help clear the body of excess histamines and calm allergic reactions. Naturally rich in quercetin! I use this on a daily basis, but increase my dosage at the first sign of a sinus infection.

  • Fermented Honey Garlic is similar to oil of oregano; it has immunomodulatory, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties and relieves upper respiratory tract infection symptoms. Fermented Garlic Honey is made by fermenting garlic cloves in honey, creating a “natural antibiotic” commonly used in the natural community.

  • Xlear Natural Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol is the industry-leading formula for alleviating congestion and preventing bacteria and other pollutants from sticking to the nasal tissues. Typically, I take this nasal spray as needed at night when I need a little extra assistance. This nasal spray combines xylitol, an ingredient that cleanses with saline and grapefruit seed extract to open up, moisturize and soothe your sinus naturally and nasal passages without leaving them more irritated and susceptible to external contaminants. In one study, researchers found saline with xylitol increased the participants’ peak airflow by 36% compared to saline alone; frankly, saline alone worsened the participants’ condition and airflow over time. I use this predominantly at night as I usually become more congested then.

⚠️ Warning: The Holistic Hipppie is not a functional medicine practitioner. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This content is not medical advice and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or replace medical guidance. The Holistic Hipppie assumes no liability for the application of the information discussed.

How do you deal with a sinus infection?

Sarena-Rae Santos



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