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Benefits of Plantain Weed

Updated: Apr 3

Scientific Name: Plantago major

Common Names: Broadleaf plantain, Buckthorn plantain, Rippleseed plantain, Great plantain.

Family: Plantaginaceae (Plantain)

Plantain weed, also known as Plantago major herbaceous perennial with a rosette of leaves 6-12 inches in diameter, 5-15 inch tall, leafless, unbranched, stems with clusters of inconspicuous greenish or whitish colored flower clusters. Plantain weed is often referred to as broadleaf plantain, buckthorn plantain, and rippleseed plantain (1). This herbaceous perennial with large, oval-shaped leaves can be eaten raw or cooked but is often dismissed as a pervasive garden pest despite its long history of medicinal properties. Despite sharing its name, plantain weed is unrelated to plantain fruit, a type of banana.